Even Dream Club Real Madrid participated in the ‘Kane Recruitment Match’… Tottenham’s harder fight

England’s Tottenham will have a tougher fight. It has never been easier to protect team ace Harry Kane (30). Even Spain’s prestigious Real Madrid participated in Kane’s scouting.

90MIN, a British football media, said on the 18th (Korean time), “Real Madrid is watching Kane ahead of the expiration of the contract period of 12 months. England’s Manchester United and Germany’s Bayern Munich also want Kane.”

Rumors are circulating about Kane’s whereabouts. Unlike the ones who have stayed with the team so far, there is a possibility of both staying and transferring now. Both Tottenham and Kane need quick decisions. This is because the contract period between the two sides will expire next summer. Tottenham is in a position that it is not easy to sell the team’s flagship star. If you lose Kane, you will be further away from the championship, which you have not been able to approach easily. However, when the contract period expires, he loses the team ace without receiving a penny of the transfer fee.

Kane also has to make the best choices for his personal career. He is now approaching his 30’s. This is why the transfer market this summer is even more important.

Among them, big clubs showed interest in signing Kane. There are three major teams in the media. Initially, it seemed that it would be a second match between Manchester United and Munich, but recently, even Real Madrid has entered the scout competition. Real Madrid is one of the dream clubs that many players choose as their final destination. Many star players have also been recruited. If a recruitment offer comes in, Kane’s heart can be moved. 스포츠토토

There is also a reason to recruit a world-class striker. A generational shift is needed. For Real, French striker Karim Benzema is playing as a starter. In the past year of 2022, I had the best time by winning the Ballon d’Or, which is given to the player who showed the world’s best performance. This season, he has played in 15 league games and scored 11 goals, showing off his unchanging skills. But he is 36 years old. It’s an age where there’s nothing strange about losing your skills. This is why Real are looking for a replacement.

If Kane, who is regarded as the best striker in the Premier League, is recruited, he can be a perfect replacement for Benzema.

From Tottenham’s point of view, if Kane has to be sent out, it may be better to send him to an overseas team rather than to the same Premier League team. This is a positive point for Real Madrid. The British Daily Mail also predicted that “Tottenham will transfer to an overseas league team rather than an EPL team.”

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