Evaluation of Reeves, ‘Treasure of the Lakers’, “He is a player who can do that enough”

Reeves has grown into the main axis of the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers, who failed to participate in the play-in tournament last season, lost their pride. Then, ahead of the season, Davin Hamm was appointed as the head coach. The composition of the players has also changed. He started to improve his constitution by recruiting young players, not veteran players.

Still, the Lakers’ season start was very shaky. They started the season with five straight losses and went 2-10 in their first 12 games of the season. After that, it rebounded, but it was far from 6th place, which went directly to the playoffs.

Then, ahead of the mid-season trade deadline, the trade was made. He recruited D’Angelo Russell, Mike Beasley, Mo Bamba and Jared Vanderbilt. As a result, it is a great success. In 25 games since then, they have recorded 17 wins and 8 losses.

The performance of the new players was great. Anthony Davis (208cm, FC) and LeBron James (206cm, F) also played their part. Other players also performed well. Among them, the growth of Austin Rivers (196cm, G) also played a big role. 바카라

Rivers joined the Lakers in the 2021-2022 season as an undrafted player. He played 61 games, averaging 23.2 minutes. He was not a flashy player, but his high activity level and high energy level gave him dedication to the team. As a result, he averaged 7.3 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.8 assists.

This season, it has grown a step further. He is averaging 13 points, 3.3 assists and 3 rebounds for the season. In particular, he has grown remarkably, averaging 18.3 points, 5.7 assists and 3.1 rebounds in his last 20 games. As a result, the Lakers, with Reeves’ performance added, rose to 7th in the West with a record of 13 wins and 7 losses in the section.

Teammates also opened their mouths to this performance. First, James said, “Reeves’ performance is not surprising. He praised him, saying, “He is a player who can do that enough,” and the team’s top manager, Hamm, also said, “He is not afraid. He is one of my favorite players,” he praised Reeves.

Reeves, who was a great role player, has recently grown into the core of the Lakers, which is leading to the Lakers’ rise.

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