‘Elkeson-Fernando naturalized player’ returns to the Chinese Super League… The national team also has a positive signal

Naturalized players who were at the center of the ‘soccer rise’ will return to the Chinese Super League. 

Sina Sports said on the 14th, “Following Elkeson, Fernando will play in the Chinese Super League this year. Returning to the national soccer team is not a dream as naturalized players are returning one after another.”

China, which challenged to advance to the World Cup with ‘soccer rise’ at the forefront, actively naturalized foreign players who played an active part in the Super League. Brazilian players such as Elkeson, Fernando, Aloisio, and Allan were naturalized, and non-Chinese players Nico Yennaris and Thias Browning were also transferred to the Chinese national team. 메이저놀이터

Contrary to expectations, however, China failed to qualify for the World Cup. There was no place for China in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. To make matters worse, they also lost to Vietnam. In addition, as the Super League was shaken due to economic unrest in China, naturalized players gradually left. 

However, naturalized players are returning. Elkeson signed a contract with Chengdu Longcheng under manager Seo Jeong-won, and Fernando joined Shandong Taishan. Nico Yennaris re-signs with Beijing Guoan, Tias Browning plays for Shanghai Haigang.

Of course, it could be the return of players who are getting older and have fewer places to go. But China has high hopes. 

Sina Sports said, “After being eliminated from the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar, 5 naturalized people left China. However, with the return of Elkeson and Fernando, they were reorganized. If they play in the Super League and maintain their condition, it is possible to return to the national team.” I expected it.

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