‘Egg fried rice is essential’ Man City’s 160 billion man, ‘Chinese restaurant 80,000 won’ binge eating routine revealed

Manchester City’s Jack Grealish, the ‘100 million pound (approximately 160 billion won) man’, unveiled his ‘Chinese restaurant gluttony routine’.

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 28th (Korean time), ‘After every game, Grealish enjoys the same 53.50 pounds (about 85,000 won) Chinese food takeout. He is a regular,’ he reported.

‘Man City star Grealish likes to enjoy an after-match meal,’ Mirror said. We visit a famous takeout restaurant frequented by Manchester’s two club stars. Grealish lives very close to this Chinese restaurant in the heart of the city,’ he explains.

Recently, the club thoroughly manages the players’ diet and sets guidelines, but it does not control every meal.

“Athletes these days are often monitored for their diet,” Mirror said. Food is also provided by the club. to keep it in top condition. However, it is not uncommon to enjoy a bit of cheating after a game. Grealish certainly enjoys the opportunity to binge. I spend £53.50 on my own ideal take-out combination,’ he describes. 바카라

Grealish says, “Yes, I love Chinese food. I eat it after every game. I go to Wings in Manchester. I usually do takeout. Singaporean fried noodles, fried rice with egg, black pepper fries, grilled prawns with curry sauce. adds up. It all adds up to a big cost.”

Mirror said, ‘Singapore fried noodles 20.40 pounds, egg fried rice 5.40 pounds, French fries 6.40 pounds,

Mirror continued, ‘Grealish is a Manchester City player who earns £270,000 a week (about 430 million won). Orders like this don’t cost much. Grealish also racked up a ton of cash when he signed a sponsorship deal with Puma this month. After he moved from Nike to Puma, he earns £10 million (about 16 billion won) per season,’ he explained.

Grealish moved from Aston Villa to Manchester City and set a new record for an English player’s transfer fee (£100 million). Meanwhile, the number one transfer fee in the Premier League is Enzo Fernández (Benfica → Chelsea) with £107 million.

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