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Everywhere you turn these days there seems to be a new diet sprouting up that claims to have all the answers to everyone’s problems. Low carb스포츠토토, high carb, high protein, low fat, yada yada. You can eat all of the high fat, high protein you want as long as you cut out carbs. Or you can eat only once a day, or even simply make sure to add wine and oil with your meals. You name it, it is out there and of course backed up by an ‘expert’.

I believe that there is no  single best exercise program for everyone. In Circular Strength Training® we look at the person (w)holistically and design a program that fits the person that we are training. That is the way I do it at my private studio and I believe that is the best way to attain and maintain a lean and healthy body. Similarly, I also believe that there is no ‘single’ best diet for every person in the world. I don’t dish out ‘diets’ for my clients to follow per say. I have general rules that i teach them in order to learn what works for their body type. That being said, however, I can pretty much sum up my view on nutrition for Living Lean and Living Well in one sentence;

Pretty simple, right? Well, if you are like most of my clients you probably have a look of befuddlement on your race right now. I mean, the words are very easy to understand, yet, the concept can be a bit confusing. So let’s take a look at what each of the words represent.

Natural can have very different meanings. It could mean to eat with your hands. Maybe grilling outside over a bon fire? Or even in the nude! Mmm. As appealing as those might seem I consider ‘natural’ to mean the way we were intended to eat. In other words, eating foods that are raised in their natural state. While this might seem to mean the same as ‘whole foods’, here I am referring to natural foods like grass feed beef, and free range chicken. Compared to stockyard beef, caged chicken, and even stock farmed salmon, ‘naturally’ grazed and bred protein will typically be healthier. Without the extra steroids, stress, and over breeding, it costs more but you are what you eat. Therefore, the better Bessy the Cow eats, the better off you will be nutritionally speaking. Which is the first step in getting on the path to leanness.

No, this doesn’t mean that I would like for you to use a hand towel to wipe your fingers. But that is a good lead in. Eating clean means staying away from fried foods, dripping in grease, sauces, and what have you. Yeah, yeah. I know what you are going to say.

Hey, I like to eat ribs just as much as the next person. In fact, ribs are something I miss about living in Japan. No rib joints! However, when i do make it back to the States and sit down to have some ribs I refrain from pouring a vat of BBQ sauce over the top of them. Maybe I have just been in Japan too long. But, every time I go back for a visit I find myself starring in awe at the amount of condiments that are available to pour on top of our already greasy, fried food.

I often hear people say that clean food doesn’t taste very good. This makes me laugh every time. We are so used to smoothing our food with sugary sauces that we have lost the perception of what good, natural, clean food is supposed to taste like! I was with a client once and we went to an organic, whole foods restaurant here in Osaka. If you live here you probably know the one because well, there really aren’t any around. We began eating and she said that her green beans tasted strange. I thought about that for a second and then asked her how she usually prepared green beans. I’m sure you can imagine her answer. Open the can, pour out the water,… She had become so accustomed to eating canned foods that her taste buds didn’t recognize truly fresh, organic, whole foods!

When was the last time that you went to a farmer’s market, picked out fresh vegetables and sat down to prepare your dinner? If you have to think about it then it has been too long! Get out this weekend to a farmer’s market and pick out some fresh veggies. On the way home stop off and get some wild salmon. Just be sure to skip the salad dressing and ketchup. And if you are putting ketchup on your salmon… well, that’s a whole different topic.

An eating disorder is a psychological condition. The eating behavior of anorexia nervosa and bulimia are the most common and involve excessive or not enough food intake. Whether a person eats too much or avoids eating, the result is negative effects to one’s physical body, but also to their mental health. In any case eating disorder treatment should be sought.

Reportedly 5% to 7% of females suffer from anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa at some point in their lives. Most females that suffer from anorexia nervosa do so between the ages of eleven and twenty. Females are ten times more likely to suffer from this eating disorder than males. Many of these eating behaviors are not found by an individual originally seeking out eating behavior treatment, but by them seeking medical or mental health treatment.

A distorted body image is the cause of anorexia nervosa. Even when the individual is already very thin, they see themselves as being too fat. An individual may refrain from eating for extended periods of time. If they do not correct the problem and seek out eating behavior treatment, they can eventually die. Many do not know that there is a difference between anorexia and anorexia nervosa. Anorexia is a disinterest in food or lack of appetite; whereas anorexia nervosa involves severely restricting food intake, or binging on food then purging.

Bulimia nervosa is a cycle or pattern of binge eating, followed by guilt and then crash dieting. Often these individuals also exercise too much or purge in order to make up for their excessive food intake. Bulimia nervosa most commonly occurs between adolescence and early adulthood. 90% of bulimics are women, but fortunately there is an eating behavior treatment success rate of 70%.

Causes of eating behavior vary greatly per individual. Some are perfectionist and feel that the only thing that can absolutely control in their lives is their weight. Environmental causes include media influence and influence of family and friends. Biological causes of eating disorders include obsessive compulsive disorder and depression, which can cause levels of important body elements to be deficient. Trauma and developmental etiology can also be basis for eating disorders. Diagnosis of eating disorders is usually made after specific questioning about eating habits, as well as weight patterns. Intense eating disorder treatment then is prescribed.

Eating behavior treatment should begin with understanding that an individual does not have to be underweight to have an eating disorder. Men do suffer from eating disorders and those with eating disorders are not vain individuals. An eating disorder can be a life threatening condition. After getting gaining some understanding of eating disorders the individual suffering needs the support and encourage to seek eating disorder treatment. The individual should seek first the services of their family physician that will diagnose the condition accurately and outline any medical problems accompanying it. Problems such as depression, anxiety or substance abuse can be some of the areas needing treatment. The physician may then recommend such eating disorder treatment as nutritional counseling, psychotherapy, residential treatment or support groups.

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