‘Double-double big success’ Myongji University Jun Harrigan “It’s a victory with all team members working together”

 Jun Harrigan (2nd grade/200cm/forward) led the team to victory by creating a double-double.

Myongji University Harrigan recorded a double-double with 15 points, 16 rebounds and 3 assists in the match against Kyunghee University in the opening game of the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Kyunghee University International Campus Seonseunggwan on the 13th. In addition to Harrigan, In-ho Jeong, Jun-hyeok So, and Lee Min-cheol contributed to Myongji University, winning 73-71 and causing a surprise in the opening game.

Harrigan, who met after the game, said, “It’s a good first game. Today (13th), everyone on the team worked hard and was able to win.”

Harrigan, who entered Myongji University last year, showed improvement from his freshman year. He perfectly controlled the bottom of his goal with his height and power play. Thanks to Harrigan, So Joon-hyeok and Lee Min-cheol on the outskirts were able to run more comfortably.

“The director (Kim Tae-jin) orders a lot of dirty work. He asked me not to be too greedy and focus on team basketball, so I tried to follow him. I made a lot of mistakes today, but I think I handled the double team defense well. Kyung Hee University’s height is not high, so trying to dig under the goal led to good results.” Harrigan’s words. 토토사이트

Myongji University coach Kim Tae-jin said, “I tell Harrigan to watch Jamil Warney (SK) and Asem Marey (LG) play a lot. It is because I want to show more active play under the goal.”

Regarding this, Harrigan said, “I don’t watch the game often. Aren’t they the best foreign players in KBL? I want to learn all the plays of Warney and Marey,” he laughed.

After a pleasant victory in the opening game, Myongji University will challenge Sangmyung University for two wins on the 17th. Harrigan said, “I had no other goals. If he only goes to the playoffs, I think he will be very satisfied this season.”

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