Don’t lose it!… ‘Hwang Hee-chan’s colleague’ and Manchester United vs Arsenal ‘Ignition before recruitment’

Arsenal and Manchester United predicted a fierce scouting competition for teammate Hwang Hee-chan this summer. 

The British media Daily Mail reported on the 11th (Korean time) that “Arsenal are aiming for Ruben Neves.” 

Neves has been playing for Wolverhampton since 2017 and is a midfielder who is active as the core of midfield. He shows strong kicking ability, excellent activity, and stable defense in Wolverhampton’s midfield, and is steadily occupying the starting position. 

Based on his team performance, he was also selected for the Portuguese national team, and since the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he has increased the number of appearances as the main midfielder for the Portuguese national team. 

Neves, who has scored 5 goals in 28 matches this season, has shown off a strong presence in Wolverhampton’s air defense, and is attracting attention from several big clubs who want to reinforce the midfield. Among them, the news that Manchester United wants to sign Neves since last summer has been reported several times locally. 

In the midst of this, the two teams’ courtship for Neves this summer is likely to become even hotter, with Arsenal showing their intention to participate in the Neves recruitment competition. 

The Daily Mail said, “Neves’ contract expired in the summer of 2024, and he refused several times to extend his contract with Wolverhampton amid rumors of signing with big clubs. has been,” he said. 

“Neves has scored 5 goals this season, and his value is around 40 million pounds (about 65.7 billion won). Manager Eric Tern Hag has been eager for him since last summer, and Arsenal has been watching Neves since before.” Added the possibility of recruiting two teams.  바카라

Manchester United have bolstered their midfield with the signings of Casemiro and Christian Eriksen this season, but they are still lacking a starting midfielder. Fred, Scott McTominay, etc. are not steady, so it seems that they want to increase reliable resources in the midfield by recruiting Neves. 

Arsenal also has key resources such as Thomas Partey, Granit Xaka, and Jorginho, but all three players are over 30 years old, so it is difficult to expect them to play in the team for a long time. 

Especially in the case of the party, injury problems follow every season, so the recruitment of Neves is likely to increase the stability of Arsenal’s midfield operation. 

The media said, “Wolverhampton, led by coach Julen Lopetegui, is 13th in the league, but the difference between the 3 teams in the relegation zone is 4 points and is far from safe.” Explained. 

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