‘DB’s new captain’ Kang Sang-jae “I must lead the way, I will definitely go to spring basketball”

The DB’s new captain, Kang Sang-jae (29, 200 cm), has vowed to lead the team in the new season.

After a two-month vacation, the Wonju DB began team training on March 1. Head coach Kim Joo-sung has taken the helm, with assistant coach Han Sang-min joining him, and the team has acquired Kim Young-hyun and Min-seom-soo in the free agency market. Kang Sang-jae has also been training with his teammates since the first day.토토사이트

“My daughter was born just before the start of the season last year, so I tried to spend as much time as possible with my family during this vacation. I thought this season was important, so I spent my vacation doing personal training in between. Sometimes it seems like the time went fast, sometimes it seems like it went slow,” he says, reflecting on his two-month vacation.

Last season was a painful one for DB. The team hoped to make a leap forward by signing Doo Kyung-min and Lee Sun Albano, but a series of injuries to key members caused them to fall to the bottom of the table. In the middle of the season, head coach Lee Sang-beom resigned, and the team finished seventh and failed to make the playoffs.

“We didn’t make it to the playoffs in both the season I came back from Commerce and last season,” says Kang Sang-jae. I feel responsible as a player who is supposed to be an advisor and play an important role in the team. I was most sorry for the DB fans who supported me. The two-month vacation made me think about my role once again.”

In the new season, Kang Sang-jae will play an important role for DB. He was elected as the team’s captain. As a junior, he is expected to serve as a bridge between the seniors and juniors.

“Originally, (Park) Chan-hee was the captain, but coach Kim Joo-sung gave me the captaincy. I am honored to be the captain of DB, a prestigious club. I’m trying to lead by example not only in training but also outwardly. I’m also giving myself a lot of whips. I should be proud of myself and work harder.” Says Kang Sang-jae.

Currently, DB is focusing on physical training in Wonju. In July, the team will travel to Gangneung, Gangwon Province, for a domestic training camp. From August, they will maximize their organizational strength through practice games.

Kang Sang-jae said, “For three consecutive seasons, DB has failed to advance to the playoffs, so I think we should definitely go to spring basketball this season. I am the first captain of the new coach, so I have a sense of responsibility. The coach told us to regain team honor and personal honor. Not only me, but all the players are working hard, so I will try to show a good performance.”

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