Corona 19 → Wounded evil spirits… Tears of Hyundai E&C, director Kang Sung-hyung’s first spring volleyball also ended in vain

In this way, Hyundai E&C’s 2022-23 season has ended.

Hyundai E&C, led by coach Seong-hyeong Kang, scored a set score of 0-3 (23-25, 22) in the match against Korea Expressway Corporation in the second leg of the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Playoffs (2 best-of-3) held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th. -25, 17-25).

With this, Hyundai E&C ended the season with two consecutive losses. Hyundai E&C’s final ranking this season is not 2nd, but 3rd.

On this day, Hyojin Yang, Hyojin Jeong, 13 points, Yeonjoo Hwang, and Minkyung Hwang, each scored 8 points, but Yvone Montaño (registered name Montaño), who was not in normal condition due to an ankle injury, scored 4 points. I couldn’t help but laugh Hyundai E&C’s season ended like this.

Hyundai E&C was selected as a strong candidate for the championship this season. Last season, they recorded an overwhelming record of 28 wins, 3 losses and 82 points. However, the season ended prematurely due to COVID-19. It swallowed regret as the challenge to win the championship match as well as the first place in the regular season was canceled.

Yasmin Bedart (registered name: Yasmin), who led the team last season, remains intact, and free agents Yang Hyo-jin and Go Ye-rim remain with the team, keeping all of their existing strength. So, many experts had no choice but to pick Hyundai E&C as the winning candidate this season.

As everyone expected, from the first game of the first round to the Korea Expressway Corporation of the third round, they won all, showing an amazing move of 15 consecutive wins for the first time in the opening. At that time, Corona 19 was also released in many volleyball circles, so it was said that if the current momentum continues, Hyundai E&C’s combined victory is virtually certain.

However, this season, injuries, not Corona 19, were the problem. Yasmin Bedart (registered name Yasmin), who was showing off her destructive power, couldn’t play after the second match of the 3rd round against Pepper Savings Bank. The back was a problem. In addition, Lee Da-hyun, Hwang Min-kyung, and Go Ye-rim were unable to play due to large or small injuries. In the second half of the season, in early February, even Kim Yeon-gyeon, the strong core of the defense, fell out due to ankle ligament rupture, and a major crisis came.

Players in the warm-up zone, such as Hwang Yeon-joo instead of Yasmin, Na Hyeon-soo instead of Da-hyun Lee, Ji-yoon Jung and Si-young Jeong instead of Min-kyung Hwang and Ye-rim Go, and Young-joo Lee and Joo-ha Kim instead of Kim Yeon-gyeon did their best, but it was not easy.

In the end, Hyundai E&C brought Montaño, but it was impossible to show perfect harmony in a short period of time. Montaño showed a good performance with 180 points in 10 regular season games and a 38% attack success rate, but he showed disappointment in his timid play and ability to handle high balls. He also averaged 12 points and had an offensive success rate of 32% in two games of the playoffs, an important stage. 토토사이트

In the end, after losing the top spot in the regular league to Heungkuk Life Insurance in mid-February, in the playoffs, he had to shed tears as he could not overcome the road construction.

Hyundai E&C, which dreamed of winning for the first time in 7 years since the 2015-16 season, finished its challenge for V3 on March 25th.

Coach Seong-hyung Kang, who took on the first spring volleyball challenge as a coach, also ended the spring volleyball challenge in vain. In the 2014-15 season, LIG ​​Insurance (now KB Insurance) as acting manager Kang Seong-hyung, who first took over as manager, and the team stayed in 6th place in all three seasons (2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17), including acting manager. I couldn’t even get close to volleyball. Last season, the postseason was not held due to Corona 19, and this season, it collapsed powerlessly in the spirit of injury.

In regret, the 2022-23 season of Hyundai E&C ended. How about next season? As there is a saying ‘luck and skill’, can Hyundai E&C be lucky?

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