“Considering even Plan C”… 15 games overdue in the rain and the Asian Games, KIA’s worries head to September

“I think we should consider Plan C as well.”

The concern of the KIA Tigers is not the immediate loss. 15 games were delayed due to rain. KIA has played 77 games, the fewest among the current 10 clubs. The foreign players’ union was not intact and there were some injured players. Not playing the game in a non-perfect situation could be a good thing for the future. However, the number of canceled games began to exceed comprehensible limits, and it accepted the most canceled games and the least number of games among the 10 clubs.바카라사이트

Due to the frequent cancellation of rainy weather, the schedule for the remaining matches will inevitably be tight. If you add the intensity of the ranking fight, the fatigue will inevitably double. And from the end of September to the beginning of October, when the rest of the games will be held, the Hangzhou Asian Games overlap. For the KIA, pitcher Lee Eui-ri, Choi Ji-min, and outfielder Choi Won-joon were selected. Indispensable beings in the team, such as a starting lineup, a starting lineup, and a fielding team utility resource, will not be available at the most important juncture of the ranking fight.

The pitching staff is especially troubled. It is impossible to engage in an all-out war by rotating the three main starters in the tight remaining game schedule. Eui-ri Lee’s replacement is definitely needed. And Pil Seung-jo, whom Ji-min Choi is enduring, must also think about alternatives.

Coach Kim Jong-guk has no choice but to be deeply troubled by the 15 games that have been overtaken by rain. Coach Kim said, “I think it will be more difficult physically in the second half of the season,” and explained his future worries, saying, “I think there will be no objection when playing 15 games that were pushed back by rain.

Still, all 10 clubs are comforting that the conditions are equal. Taking Lotte, a team competing in the 5th round, as an example, “We also select Loyalty and Jimin, and Pil Seung-jo and Won Joon are also missing, but in the case of Lotte, two starting pitchers (Park Se-woong and Na Gyun-an) are missing. I think other teams are in the same situation,” he emphasized, emphasizing that he would resolutely prepare for the remaining games from September to October.

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