Consideration on the LCK and the double elimination system

The double elimination system refers to a method in which participating players or teams are given an additional chance to play even if they lose once. This system has several advantages, such as increasing the number of games, giving fans more opportunities to enjoy the games, and creating more stories because of the confrontation between various teams.스포츠토토

The LCK also introduced a double elimination system from the 2023 spring split and is currently receiving satisfactory reviews. First of all, it helps to increase the viewership of the tournament in that the number of games has increased during the important schedule of the playoffs. Fans also have more things to see, and the team brand can be exposed more. In the end, it is a happy result for everyone, including the LCK, the fans, and the team that runs the tournament.

As such, many people are satisfied with the double elimination method introduced in the LCK, but there is also an issue worth considering. Right away, the two opportunities given equally to all participating teams are given only once to the team that goes directly to the finals.

Under the current LCK system, a team that goes directly to the finals is confirmed to lose if it loses in the finals. In principle, one more chance should be given to the team that went straight to the finals, but there are many things to consider in order to do so.

The thing to think about is ‘When should I give you a second chance?’ In the case of Tekken events, if a player who went directly to the final loses in the final, he or she can play one more match through a process called bracket reset. However, this is possible because of the nature of the Tekken event and the matches are short. If you play the second match immediately after the first match in a League of Legends event, you can play a maximum of ten sets. In this case, it is difficult not only for the athletes participating in the competition, but also for the fans watching it. Conversely, if it is held on a different designated date, such as the next day, there is a difficult part in the operation in that the big stage of the final is held twice.

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