‘Classic series canceled in rainy weather’ Lotte, Samsung that succeeded in rebounding on the rise… ‘Rain is slow’ 

‘Baseball fans who visited Sajik Stadium only looked at the sky’ The rain that fell for two days in a row was brutal.

The match between the Lotte Giants and the Samsung Lions, which was scheduled to be held in front of a full crowd on Children’s Day the day before, was canceled two hours before the match due to rain. Lotte fans, who have recently been competing for the top spot with a scary rise, and Samsung fans who visited Busan with their families from Daegu were all in awe.

On the 6th, many fans dressed in Lotte and Samsung uniforms gathered around Sajik Stadium four hours before the start of the game in celebration of the holiday season. Lotte players on the home team signed autographs for young baseball fans on their way to work, assuaging the disappointment of the previous day’s cancellation.

The match starts at 5:00 PM. According to the weather forecast, it was expected that it would rain until 3 o’clock and enter a lull, but as time passed, the rain became thicker. Just in case, the home team Lotte players warmed up indoors to prepare for the game.안전놀이터

Beginning with Children’s Day, Lotte and Samsung’s three-week series ‘Classic Series’ will be held this weekend.

The Classic Series is the league’s first rivalry between Lotte and Samsung, and started in the 2016 season. Lotte and Samsung are the only two teams that have participated in the league since the first year of professional baseball and have maintained their team names until now. Through the retro concept series, fans are adding to the fun of watching baseball.

The two teams will play in the old uniforms for the series. Lotte wears the black old uniform unveiled at the last launch ceremony, and Samsung wears the blue striped old uniform.

At the beginning of the season, Lotte ran a 9-game winning streak and was on a terrifying rise, and Samsung won a complete 14-1 victory as the batting line exploded before Kiwoom on the 4th, the previous game.

Both Lotte and Samsung players wanted to play in the game, but heaven did not give them a chance. Even from the perspective of the club, which expected to attract 22,990 million spectators (370 million won) for two consecutive days, the rain from the sky was relentless.

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