Chelsea’s winter shopping list, mostly successful acquisitions…how long will they live?

On the 25th, the football statistics site ‘Transfer Market’ released a shopping list for Chelsea’s winter transfer market.

If you look at Chelsea’s shopping list, you can see the names of big players, but there have been many cases where they have already been successful in recruiting.

Chelsea recently changed owners. The end of the Roman Abramovich regime was announced and Todd Boelli took over the new helm.

The prevailing view was that Chelsea under the new owner system would be active in the transfer market to make an impact.

Chelsea have been active in the winter transfer market following the summer, raising their fever to reinforce players. 스포츠토토

Chelsea have signed Joao Felix on loan from Atletico Madrid to improve their attack. By investing 100 million euros (approximately 134 billion won) here, he succeeded in bringing Mudrik from Shakhtar Donetsk to Mikhail.

In addition, by recruiting Dartro Popana to serve as a backup striker, the team was equipped with an ultra-luxurious corps.

Chelsea’s will to sign doesn’t seem to stop. We plan to raise the heat to reinforce the midfield.

Chelsea have tapped Brighton Albion’s Moises Caseido, an Ecuadorian national team resource, to reinforce their midfield.

In addition, they are spurring the signing of Enzo Fernandez, who helped Argentina win the World Cup.

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