Chelsea Nam-Nam-Inter Fury-Away from Juventus, the man’s only choice is ‘oil money?’

Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea), who suddenly turned his attention to Juventus after shouting single-mindedly to go to Inter Milan, is in danger of losing his child.

Italian media ‘Tuto Mercato’ said on the 20th (Korean time), ‘Lukaku became alone. It seems that the only place to go now is Saudi Arabia.”바카라사이트

Lukaku, who was on loan at Inter last season, returned to Chelsea at the start of the summer transfer window. However, he showed a strong will to go even if he cut his annual salary, saying he wanted a complete transfer to Inter.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino also drew a line about Lukaku as if he had no plans for a new season. He is putting more effort into recruiting a new striker, and he is in the position that he will try to mix well with the existing Mihailo Mood Leak with the joining of Christopher Nunku and Nicholas Jackson.

Inter also worked hard to bring Lukaku in various ways, such as a plan to trade with Chelsea for cash on the player. Surprisingly, with Lukaku taking the attitude that he could go to Juventus, he virtually stopped the recruitment process.

The media said, ‘Lukaku’s double action only accumulated anger at Inter. Saudi Arabia is the best option for him now. Lukaku recruitment is not the number one priority for Juventus either. “Other players have priority.”

Head coach Massimiliano Allegri is also in a position to postpone the recruitment of a central striker unless there is a situation in which Dusan Vlahovic is going to Paris Saint-Germain. The goal hurts even with the treatment of loan returners such as Weston McKennie and Leandro Bonucci.

Lukaku is likely to be training individually by mid-August. Saudi Arabia’s ‘oil money’ choice can be driven into an unexpected situation.

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