Chelsea give Lukaku a choice: “either stay or move”

Romelu Lukaku’s loan period has come to an end. It’s time for Chelsea to think again.

British media ‘The Sun’ announced on the 30th (Korean time), “Chelsea will not allow Lukaku’s loan transfer this summer. Lukaku has only two options: staying at Chelsea next season or transferring completely.”스포츠토토

In the summer of 2021, Chelsea signed Lukaku, who was active at Inter Milan, for a transfer fee of £87.5 million (146 billion won). At the time, it was the highest transfer fee in Chelsea club history.

Expectations were high because he was second in Serie A in the previous season. But there was no presence at Chelsea. Not only that, but four months after joining the team, he openly expressed his dissatisfaction and caused controversy.

“I always have Inter Milan in my heart,” Lukaku said in an interview with Italian media. “I’m fit and in good shape, but I’m not happy with the situation at Chelsea. I know I’ll be going back to Inter Milan. I love Italy.” said.

The remarks immediately evoked resentment from Chelsea fans. The minds of Chelsea club officials also turned around. Lukaku was removed from the list and sent on loan to Inter Milan at the end of the season.

Last season, Lukaku scored 14 goals in 37 appearances for Inter Milan. His performance has improved significantly since his time at Chelsea.

His loan period is over and Lukaku will return to Chelsea in July. Lukaku wants to stay at Inter Milan, but Inter Milan has no intention of signing him completely.

There is also the possibility of Lukaku going to the Middle East. A team in the Saudi Arabia league offered Lukaku an annual salary of 21 million pounds (approximately 35 billion won).

Chelsea know it will be difficult to recover their initial investment (£87.5m) by any means. In that case, I try to take advantage of Lukaku by using it myself rather than renting it or selling it for the maximum transfer fee.

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