Champion’ SSG’s fall? The season isn’t over yet…Why is it so confusing ‘outside’? 

SSG is going through the end of a difficult season. They said they were in the top two with LG, but they came down to 6th place. It is not a battle for the championship, but a battle for 5th place. Instead, the season is not over yet. But something is confusing. It’s like that outside.메이저사이트

SSG has played 123 games as of the 17th, recording 62 wins, 2 draws, 59 losses, and a winning percentage of 0.512. It fell to 6th place. They have recently lost 5 games in a row. In the last 10 games, there were only 1 win, 1 draw, and 8 losses.

It is truly a ‘difficulty’. First of all, it is painful that the mound collapsed. I keep getting off beats. When the starter pitches well, the bullpen shakes. Conversely, as the starting pitchers falter, even the bullpen has difficult games.

The bat isn’t that good either. During the five-game losing streak, they averaged 2.8 points per game. During the 5 close losses, the team batting average was 0.219 and the team ERA was 6.70. I couldn’t win.

Looking at the season as a whole, the most disappointing aspect is of course the mound. The starting lineup ranks last with an ERA of 4.65. Kirk McCarty is making 3.45 and Roenis Elias is making 3.48. The one-two punch for foreigners is at least okay.

The indigenous side has a lot of regrets. Gwang-Hyun Kim is doing his part with an ERA of 3.90, but Seung-Won Moon (7.99), Jong-Hoon Park (5.61), and Won-Seok Oh (5.59) are not meeting expectations.

It is no exaggeration to say that the bullpen will only feature Noh Kyung-eun, Ko Hyo-jun, and Seo Jin-yong throughout the season. Noh Kyung-eun and Ko Hyo-jun played in 64 games each, and Seo Jin-yong played in 58 games. It looks like he lost strength at the end of the season. Looking at the average ERA in September, Seo Jin-yong’s ERA is 8.44 and Ko Hyo-jun’s is 7.71.

This does not mean that there are other resources such as Lee Kun-wook, Choi Min-jun, Baek Seung-geon, Lim Jun-seop, Song Young-jin, and Lee Ro-woon. There is a jagged feeling. Fortunately, Choi Min-jun played a licorice-like role until the middle of the season, but has recently slowed down. It’s nice to see Lee Kun-wook ‘step up’ at the last minute.

This is what happened up to this point. Anyway, thanks to the strength of the current players, we were able to consistently rank in the top ranks. Director Kim Won-hyung led them.

But as I keep losing, ‘words’ come out here and there. There are ‘typical’ things to do when things don’t work out. First of all, there is an argument that since the current players are not good, someone from Futures should raise them.

‘It cannot continue like this.’ It may be the thoughts of a fan who wants the team to win, or it may be the thoughts of the front office or parent company who also wish for victory. However, it is disappointing to have one win at the end of the season, so will it be easy to choose to use someone in the Futures team?

There are endless stories about directors. There seem to be quite a few people who think, ‘If we don’t change, we’ll be in big trouble.’ In fact, I hear various stories.

In this situation, club owner Jeong Yong-jin showed a strange move. On his SNS, a SSG fan wrote a comment saying, ‘We need to replace coach Won-hyung quickly to have a better future.’ Team owner Jeong Yong-jin responded to this comment, saying, “You’re not the only one who knows. Just wait.”

Although there was nothing specific, the nuance was understandable. As the team owner, he doesn’t seem to be very happy with the current situation. He may have been hinting at a replacement. However, it is also true that he wonders if there was a need to do this publicly.

Team owner Jeong Yong-jin is nicknamed ‘Yongjin-hyung.’ That’s how much affection he had for the team, and his support was enthusiastic. In terms of investment, it seems safe to say that he is the best of all time. He also receives overwhelming support from fans.

Instead, the team owner’s ‘on-site intervention’ is a different story. We all know the consequences of the owner’s excessive interference in the field. There are also teams that have not won a championship for decades. Love and management of baseball should always be separate. Confusion will only have negative effects.

A professional baseball manager is said to be the ‘life of Paris.’ There are many cases where people take off their clothes even if the contract period remains. Director Kim Won-hyung may not be free either.

However, he is the head coach who led the ‘Wire to Wire’ integrated championship just a year ago. He even received a 3-year contract renewal. This is the first year of contract renewal. The possibility of fall baseball still remains. If we go in the fall, we can win the Korean Series for the second time in a row.

It’s not over yet. But it seems like it’s already over. Cluttered and unstable. There is nothing to help the players on the field.

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