Captain Son Heung-min reveals his physical condition…”I was very sick all season”

Korean national soccer team captain Son Heung-min, who recently underwent hernia surgery, has revealed his current physical condition. He also mentioned that he had been in pain for nearly a year, so it seems that what he accomplished last season was a result of his mental strength.

Reporter Idasom caught up with him.

From the first day of the A-match call-up in June, Son Heung-min led the juniors with a bright expression.

However, last month, it was revealed that he underwent hernia surgery after finishing the season.

Son Heung-min / Korea National Football Team Captain스포츠토토
“I thought a lot about whether I should announce this, but in fact, I suffered a lot throughout the season, so after eight or nine months of enduring it, I finally had surgery…”

It wasn’t a short-lived affliction: the more he played, the worse the pain became, and the more he struggled.

Son Heung-min
“When I make a pass or a turn, it all comes from my core, and because it hurts, I can only do 60% of the 100% I can do.”

He could have focused on his recovery instead of the June A-match call-up, but the captain’s mind was filled with the responsibility of leading Klinsmann’s team to its first win.

Son Heung-min.
“If we don’t get a win this time, it will be pushed back to September, so I think I have a big desire to get the first win with the coach and the team together.”

Coach Klinsmann had been vocal about winning next year’s Asian Cup since his appointment. Son Heung-min also dreams of winning his country’s first Asian Cup in 63 years.

Son Heung-min.
“I think my biggest goal right now is to bring the trophy back to Korea, which we haven’t had for a long time.”

The quest for the Asian Cup title has begun in earnest, and TV Chosun will be covering all of Klinsmann’s first attempt at victory.

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