“Cancellation of rain in a month… Nice to see the bullpen + beast’s physical strength protection” Lotte welcomed the rain for 3 consecutive losses

The match between Lotte and LG, which was scheduled to be held at Jamsil Stadium on the 22nd, was canceled due to rain. 메이저사이트

Around 3:00 p.m. that day, heavy rain poured down at Jamsil Stadium. It seemed to stop after a while after pouring, but it rained again and it was decided to cancel the rain at around 4:40 pm.

Lotte manager Sutton welcomed the cancellation of the rain in a briefing with reporters after it was canceled in the rain. He explained, “Rather than a temporary selection, there are many players who are tired and fatigued among the bullpen and fielders, so it is nice to see the cancellation of the rain today. 

Lotte needed a temporary selection for the 3rd consecutive game with LG as the 5th starting position was empty. Coach Sutton said, “If it had not been canceled in the rain, Wilkerson, Barnes, and Jaemin Shim were planning to start the LG three-game series in turn. With the cancellation of rain today, Jaemin Shim will be left out, and Wilkerson and Barnes will be thrown.” 

Lotte had a roller coaster ride last week. During the week, he won a sweeping victory in three consecutive matches against second place SSG, but on the weekend, he was shocked by three consecutive losses against Kiwoom, who was in the lowest place. All three games were come-from-behind losses, and there were many goals due to mistakes. 

Coach Sutton said, “There was obviously a chance to win all three games, and the players did their best and fought hard to win. However, mistakes were made, and each time a mistake was made, it led to a run and allowed a turnaround. He said, “As I remember, 4 times Kiwoom’s missed hits became hits that fell inside the foul line. About 2 of them led to decisive points. I couldn’t keep the victory until the end.” 

He continued, “We were swept against Kiwoom, but the game wasn’t that bad. We didn’t win, but looking at our performance, last week’s performance wasn’t bad. Looking back, he said, “A new week has begun. We have to do well this week by raising what we lacked last week, details and concentration again.” 

Lotte pitcher Kim Jin-wook returned to the first team entry that day. Coach Sutton said, “Jin-wook Kim is capable of substitute starting, one-inning, and one-point relief.” 

Kim Jin-wook, who went down to the second group on the 1st, pitched in 4 games in the Futures League and recorded 9 ⅔ innings, 11 hits, 2 walks, 15 strikeouts and 4 runs (3 earned). 

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