Calm at the top… Director Yoon Kyung-yup’s eyes on a hot summer

in the hot summer. The championship-hungry LG Twins are slowly laying the foundations for a top-tier challenge.

Along with the Lotte Giants, LG is categorised as the most ‘title-hungry’ of the 10 clubs. Despite the overwhelming support of their loyal fans, it’s been nearly 30 years since they’ve lifted a trophy. The last time LG stood on top was in 1994.토토사이트

In recent years, the team hasn’t been able to get over the hump despite having a solid line-up.

This year, the team is on pace to win another title. As of the 26th, with over 40 games played per team, they are in first place (29 wins, 1 draw, 15 losses).

Both bats are doing their part to cruise. They are first in team batting average and team ERA.

However, they haven’t really started to rack up the wins yet. It’s just not the right time.

“It doesn’t matter where we are in the standings,” says LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop. “My goal right now is to take winnable games and make the win-loss margin as positive as possible,” he said. “This year, I don’t think we’ll be ranked until at least August. Our team is not perfect right now.”

Each team has been hit with a series of injuries since the start of the season and hasn’t been operating at full strength.

LG is no different. Closer Ko Woo-seok, Lee Min-ho, Lee Jung-yong, and Son Ho-young are all out with injuries. The calculation is that if they can get back into the first team and execute the plan they drew up before the season, they’ll be able to get their win hunt off to a good start.

For now, they are waiting patiently for the right time and preparing for August, when the real fight will begin.

Even though it’s still early in the season and the players are not yet tired, LG is rotating the main players and giving them rest. The idea is to prevent them from burning out.

It’s also possible because the team has such a deep roster that even if one or two starters miss a game, it won’t be a problem.

“If we don’t overdo it, it will give us a chance to play well when they come back as a whole,” Yeom said.

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