‘Butterfly ace’ Baek In-cheol Hanshin again in 15 days! The first thin Taegeuk mark “I only run to shorten the record”

‘Butterfly ace’ Baek In-cheol (24, Busan Metropolitan City Jung-gu Office) confirmed his participation in the World Swimming Championships for the first time in his life with a new Korean record in the men’s 50m butterfly.

Baek In-cheol took first place with a new Korean record of 23:50 in the men’s 50m butterfly final of the KB Financial Korea Swimming Championship-2023 Business National Team Selection held at the Gimcheon Indoor Swimming Pool in Gyeongbuk on the 28th. Baek In-cheol, who set a new Korean record for the first time in his life with 23 seconds 67 at the national management competition in November last year, is again on the 13th, 13 days after setting a ‘Hanshin tie record’ of 23 seconds 67 at the 13th Gimcheon National Swimming Championships. He showed off his superpowers by reducing ‘Hanshin’ by 0.17 seconds. 스포츠토토

He passed the International Swimming Federation A standard record (23 seconds 53) and became the first to teach water at the World Aquatics Championships. Baek In-cheol said, “The purpose of training has become clearer than before. The reason for training is only to shorten the record, and I am working every moment with the determination not to participate in the competition if I do not have the confidence to shorten the record after participating in the competition.” .

Meanwhile, the Korea Swimming Federation selects athletes from the Fukuoka World Aquatics Championships, the Chengdu Summer Universiade, and the Hangzhou Asian Games through national team selections on the 25th and 30th. In the case of the World Championships, those who have passed the International Swimming Federation A record are automatically confirmed to participate, and those who have passed the Korea Swimming Federation’s own standard record (KSF) will be dispatched according to the decision of the Federation’s Performance Improvement Committee. In the case of the Asian Games, regardless of the standard record, the number of players approved by the Korea Sports Council will wear the Taegeuk mark for the top players in the finals of each event.

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