Between super talent and ambiguity… What is the nomination order of Mir Jeon, who can see Noh Si-hwan?

Jeon Mir (18), a senior in Gyeongbuk High School, is considered one of the best talents in high school baseball.

He has been a hot topic all season. It is because of the outstanding talent he possesses. Jeon Mi-re plays both pitcher and hitter this season. Of course, it’s a common sight in high school to hit two shots at the same time, but Jeon Mir is a little different.바카라사이트

In general, one of the pitcher’s and the hitter’s talents tends to be more outstanding, but Jeon Mir’s talent is so outstanding that it is difficult to distinguish between superiority and inferiority.

The 10th National High School Baseball Championship, co-hosted by Financial News and Busan Financial News, was held at Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Gijang-gun, Busan for five days from the 8th to the 12th. On the 12th, in the 10th National Prestigious High School Baseball Championship, Gyeongbuk High School players, who won Jeonju High School with a 10-6, 7th strong cold win, are rinsing away coach Lee Jun-ho. Mir Jeon was selected as the MVP.

First of all, from the pitcher’s point of view, he is strong in big games and has excellent control. In 37 innings, there are only 11 walks. During his sophomore year, he even defeated Daejeon High School by holding on for 7 innings alone on a Shinsegae E-Mart boat. In the prestigious high school baseball competition, he led the team to the championship without giving a single point. The pitching shown at Deoksu High School, Gwangju Il High School, and Daegu Classic was a wonder itself.

In particular, in the strong Daegu classic, he even struck out 9 batters in a row. In Shinsegae E-Mart’s Masan Yongma Classic, 149.4km was engraved. He has good hand feel, and the first change pitch, the slider, is not bad.

Jeon Mi-re, a 3rd year student at Gyeongbuk High School, fights against a prestigious high school baseball game. He struck out 9 batters in a row in the Daegu Classic. (Photo = Reporter Park Beom-joon)

His personality is also that of a pitcher. The desire to win is strong. Jeon Mir has never failed to play his part in the national competition. Many officials view Jeon Mir positively. The problem is the pitcher’s mechanism. This part is evaluated as somewhat disappointing. Pros have to throw a lot of balls. However, Jeonmir is a helmet with arms wide open. Although it is pulled inside with muscle strength, there is a point on the site that it may lead to injury.

An official from the parent club said, “When he enters the professional league, he has to throw a lot of balls. In a crisis situation, even if you throw all your might, the starter cannot basically throw 120 balls with all his might. In other words, you need to know how to throw smoothly with the mechanism to make a selection. Even the bullpen pitcher needs to throw the ball every day. However, if you throw it with force, it is easy to get injured in a short time in the pro game. It seems that the pitching form needs to be corrected.”

The player who best demonstrates this is Yoon Young-chul.

An official from the professional club said, “Yoon Young-cheol is a player who can throw 145 km. But Yoon Young-cheol is smart and knows that his arms won’t last if he keeps going at that speed. So he continues to throw the ball with balance at a speed of the latter half of 130 km.”

Jeon Mi-re, a 3rd grader at Gyeongbuk High School, is receiving cheers from her classmates after hitting a home run (Photo = Reporter Park Beom-joon)

That’s why there are quite a few officials who see Jeon Mir’s qualities as a hitter. He is a player with a pretty good chance of growing from a professional to a scarce megapo resource. He is tall and has a good feel for hitting the ball. His batting speed far exceeded his high school level. He has batted ball speed as an indicator that doesn’t lie. There is a story that it reminds me of Noh Si-hwan’s (Hanhwa) high school days in many ways.

However, his bat speed and power are high, but not sophisticated. It is not yet clear how well he can cope with the pro’s fast or breaking balls. Because his swing tends to spread out, he lacks response to balls to his body. An outside or high ball will go black if caught. In other words, Jeon Mi-reu has a similar problem as Noh Si-hwan at Gyeongnam High School.

Another metropolitan club scout official said, “I see this player as a hitter. But the biggest problem is that he doesn’t have a position. Personally, he is not slow on his feet and has a good shoulder, so I think he will grow well if he is raised as a third baseman.”

Jeon Mir, a player from Gyeongbuk High School who shows strong motivation for both pitching and hitting (Photo=Reporter Park Beom-joon)

Jeon Mi-re is currently being considered for a first-round nomination. Selection for the youth national team is also being seriously considered. No one denies that talent itself is outstanding.

However, it is still difficult to get a sense of whether his nomination order will be in the upper or lower ranks, or whether he will be pushed further. This is because he is a player who clearly changes depending on the point of view.

A scouting official from a certain club predicted the first-round nomination, saying, “Everything is better in pitching than Kim Gun-hee, who was nominated in the 6th last year.”

On the other hand, another official said, “A first-round player is right. But if you look at him as a hitter, he has no position. In addition, he needs a period of upbringing. In other words, if he is not highly evaluated as a pitcher and viewed only as a hitter, his nomination order may be pushed back more than expected.”

Clearly there is talent. But the advantages are clear. This was also revealed well in the baseball entertainment show Strongest Baseball. So it’s fun.

Will he prove his qualifications as a first rounder? This blue dragon flag is the most important for Jeon Mir.

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