Bayern Munich transfers the buyout amount to Napoli just before the bank closes → Official Kim Min-jae imminent

Bayern Munich reportedly paid Napoli a buyout amount.

Italian media Corriere dello Sport reported on the 14th (local time) that “Bayern Munich transferred 50 million euros to Napoli. Kim Min-jae is about to announce his transfer. Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Bayern Munich will be officially announced soon. Kim Min-jae said that after his vacation, he will join Bayern Munich’s Japan tour.메이저놀이터

Min-jae Kim has a buyout amount of around 50 million euros, and the buyout clause will be activated until the 15th. A number of local Italian media mentioned that Bayern Munich had remitted the buyout amount in time for the last business day of the local bank in Italy ahead of the expiration of the buyout clause for Kim Min-jae.

Italian media Napoli Piu said, ‘Kim Min-jae is preparing for a breakup with Naples. The delay in the announcement of Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Bayern Munich is Bayern Munich’s strategy. Bayern Munich wanted to delay the payment of the buyout amount as much as possible.’

Italian media Tutonapoli said, ‘Kim Min-jae’s stay in Naples is virtually impossible. Kim Min-jae will no longer wear the Napoli uniform,’ and TAG24 said, ‘Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Bayern Munich was virtually completed.’

After Kim Min-jae left the training center on the 6th, he completed the transfer process to Bayern Munich, including the medical test. Bayern Munich showed an active appearance by sending medical staff to Korea for Kim Min-jae’s medical test.

Bayern Munich will play its first pre-season game against Manchester City in Tokyo, Japan on the 26th. Kim Min-jae is expected to join Bayern Munich’s Japan tour after vacation.

Kim Min-jae is expected to play an active role as a key defender in Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich’s defender Hernandez, who refused to renew the contract, transferred to PSG, and defender Pavard also refused to renew the contract, and Manchester City transfer rumors are attracting attention. Bayern Munich, which is concerned about a gap in the defense, has actively tried to recruit Kim Min-jae.

A number of local media outlets, including Germany’s Sky Sports, predict that Kim Min-jae will form a center back combination with De Litt at Bayern Munich next season. French national team defender Upamecano, who made a lot of mistakes last season, predicted that he would play an active role as a backup member.

Kim Min-jae played a leading role in Napoli’s first Serie A victory in 33 years and had a successful debut season in the top 5 European leagues. Kim Min-jae is expected to continue his championship challenge at Bayern Munich, which has won 11 consecutive Bundesliga titles and 6 championships in the UEFA Champions League.

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