‘Bang and Hook’ Jin Seong-hoon wins by TKO

Seonghun Jin, who is overcoming his ‘tic disorder’ through MMA, won TKO and once again showed himself as a candidate for the championship.

On the 21st, the 13th episode of ‘Bang and Hook’, a high school fighting audition program produced by Road FC and IHQ, was released on Road FC’s official YouTube channel.

The 6 people who survived the fierce competition faced off in a team battle format. ‘Road FC Bad Boy’ Kwon Ah-sol (36, FREE) and ‘Road FC Light Heavyweight Champion’ Kim Tae-in (30, Road FC Kim Tae-in Gym) came out as coaches for each team.

The teams were organized in a random format. Kang Chan-yong (19), Choi Eun-seok (17), and Han Woon-seong (18) were confirmed for the PROLOGUE team, and Han Ji-hoon (18, Namyangju Team Finish), Kim Byung-wook (18), and Jin Seong-hoon (19, Team Strong Wolf) were confirmed for the FESTIVAL team. Matches were concluded according to the order determined by each team. 카지노사이트

Leaving a strong impression in every match, Jin Seong-hun is regarded as a strong player in ‘bang and hook’. In a situation where Jin Seong-hoon was avoided, his opponent was confirmed as Han Woon-seong.

Jin Seong-hoon and Han Woon-seong kept each other in check and solved the game. Seonghun Jin seemed to struggle in the beginning, but won by TKO with strong blows.

All the fighters did their best, but there were winners and losers. The FESTIVAL team won 2-1 and got a ticket to the semi-finals.

Competition is fierce as the winner of ‘Bang and Hook’ is given a fighting scholarship of 30 million won and a chance to debut as a Road FC pro.

Episode 13 of ‘Bang and Hook’ can be watched on Road FC’s official YouTube channel and IHQ’s official channel. The 14th episode of ‘Bang and Hook’ will be released on the official YouTube channel of Road FC at 6 pm on the 28th.

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