Bale participates in the PGA… Pep’s “Be a Great Golfer” Comes True

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola (52, Spain)’s jokey prophecy toward Gareth Bale (34, Wales) seems to come true.

Bale, who recently retired from active duty, announced on his Instagram account on the 24th (Korean time) that he would participate in the PGA Tour AT&T Peblich Pro-Am, which will be held in Pebblich, California, USA from the 2nd of next month.  헤라카지노

One of Wales’ all-time great footballers, Bale was known for his love of golf during his playing days.

When he was playing for Real Madrid in Spain’s Primera Liga, Bale was often seen on the golf course, and colleagues such as Thibaut Kurtua (31, Belgium), who ate a pot of rice, joked that Bale’s nickname was ‘golf player’.

However, the eyes of fans looking at Bale’s golf hobby were not good. At the end of his career, an injury prevented him from performing normally, and he was criticized for being only into golf.

Even when Real Madrid won the Champions League final last year by beating Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League final, he was criticized for not appearing on the pitch.

Bale explained that he was absent from the championship event due to a muscle spasm in his back, but he had to be ridiculed by fans that he had been injured while playing golf.

Bale, now a free man, has no reason to notice that he enjoys his hobby. It seems that he will enjoy the fun of swinging as hard as he can on the green.

Guardiola’s remarks about Bale’s participation in the PGA Tour are also becoming a hot topic.

Coach Guardiola recently praised “Bale was a great player” ahead of the quarterfinals of the Carabao Cup (England League Cup) against Southampton, and joked that “I think Bale can become a fantastic golfer now.” threw

It is known that Bale has an anecdote in the past when he turned down Guardiola’s invitation to play golf. Guardiola said, “At the time, Bale was busy, but now I will have time, and I will invite Bale to play golf together again.” 

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