Another ’emotional confrontation’ between director and senior…no winner in the end

The ongoing conflict between a manager and a senior player has once again surfaced on a baseball field.

On April 16, Samsung Lions veteran pitchers Oh Seung-hwan (40) and Park Jin-man (46), who played a visiting game against KT WIZ at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, were exposed to baseball fans.

It was even more surprising because Oh, who was nicknamed ‘Dolbuchu’ and rarely showed his emotions, nervously threw the ball and slammed his glove in response to the bench’s grater instructions.

After meeting with Oh Seung-hwan after the incident, Park made it clear that the player was at fault, saying through the club that he should have thought twice before doing so, and ordered him to be sent to the second team.메이저놀이터

Park Jin-man
[Photo courtesy of Samsung Lions. Resale and DB prohibited].

Along with Choo Shin-soo and Kim Kang-min (over 40-SSG Landers), Oh Seung-hwan is the oldest player in the league and one of the best closers in Korean baseball history.

Just ten days ago, he reached the milestone of 500 saves in his Korean-American career.

However, he hasn’t been able to fulfill his role as a closer this year due to his poor performance.

Earlier this month (May 3 against the Daegu Kiwoom Heroes), he made his first start in 18 years.

It was a training pitch to improve his condition, not to win the game.

Immediately after his start, he was sent down to the second team to review his pitches and returned, but his pride was apparently bruised when he was ordered to pitch again in the game.

Oh Seung-hwan earned his 500th career save.
[Yonhap Photo]

The KBO has had its share of “emotional confrontations” between managers and seniors before.

Most recently, Lee Yong-kyu, a member of the Hanwha Eagles, suddenly demanded a trade before the 2019 season.

Yong-kyu was unhappy because he believed that Han Yong-duk, the manager at the time, had no intention of using him as a starter.

Earlier in 2004, Lee Sang-hoon, the franchise star of the LG Twins, rebelled against manager Lee Soon-cheol’s order not to bring his guitar with him on an overseas training camp and eventually left the team.

When managers and players have conflicts, most clubs side with the manager.

This is because they recognize the manager’s authority to lead the team and play the game.

Nevertheless, when a coach and a senior player have an emotional clash, the results are not good for both the coach and the player.

It”s no wonder that the team”s mood and performance suffer.

Tommy Lasorda, former manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Tommy Lasorda, the longtime manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in Major League Baseball, once said that one of the most important qualities of a manager is the ability to create “clubhouse chemistry”.

The game is played by the players, which means that the manager must do his best to create a team atmosphere that makes the players feel good about playing.

While Lasorda’s words make sense on paper, it’s not an easy task when the odds are stacked against you every night.

However, Park Jin-man and Oh Seung-hwan need to have a more in-depth conversation for the sake of the team and each other.

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