An unprecedented situation in history almost occurred… KFA, “Coach Klinsmann left the national team to participate in a friendly match? Unfounded.”

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann will not attend the friendly match and will remain with the national team.

Criticism is growing against Klinsmann, who failed to win again due to a 0-0 draw against Wales. Shocking news was delivered here. Chelsea and Bayern Munich will hold a charity match to honor the late Gianluca Vialli at Stamford Bridge in London, England at 3:15 (Korean time) on the 9th, and coach Klinsmann’s name was on the player list. Participating as a Munich legend.메이저사이트

The period in question is Korea’s September A match period. After the friendly match against Wales on the 8th, Korea will play its second friendly match against Saudi Arabia on the 13th. It was difficult to understand that he would leave the national team just one day after the match against Wales and participate in a friendly match. Even though Coach Klinsmann does not live in Korea and works overseas and participates as a panelist, it was difficult to understand that he would be absent due to other matters during the national team period.

An official from the Korea Football Association told ‘Interfootball’ on the 8th, “It is unfounded. On the day of the friendly match, there is national team training at 4 PM local time. Going to the friendly match is an impossible schedule in the first place, and you did not accept the invitation. “The fact that it was posted on Chelsea’s official website doesn’t seem to have been properly updated there,” he said. This unprecedented incident almost caused a huge controversy, but it turned out to be unfounded.

Meanwhile, people’s views on Director Klinsmann were still not positive. He didn’t win against Wales again, but the content wasn’t good either. He has raised question marks in terms of player selection and tactics, and he has said things that are difficult to understand in interviews, so criticism has not subsided. Foreign media outlets, including the British public broadcaster BBC, are also spreading rumors of a crisis while highlighting Coach Klinsmann’s winless record.

The outcome of the confrontation with Saudi Arabia is important. Content comes second, and only if we win unconditionally will the voices of criticism subside a little. Coach Klinsmann, who has created controversies every time since his appointment and has had poor results and content, is in a situation where he must prepare diligently for the game against Saudi Arabia and deliver results unconditionally.

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