Ali, who was criticized as a ‘fallen genius’, surprise confession of ‘childhood trauma + psychological treatment’… ‘old colleague’ Son Heung-min + Kane, etc. Wave of cheering

Dele Alli recently delivered surprising news.

Ali recently appeared on the YouTube channel ‘The Overlap’ and shared a deep story. “My mother was an alcoholic and was molested at the age of 6. I started smoking at the age of 7 and dealing drugs by the age of 8. An old man said that a young boy like me would not get caught, and I rode my bike I carried it while I was there,” he said.메이저사이트

“After that, I was adopted into a family at the age of 12. When I think about what my new parents have done for me, I really don’t think anyone could have done more for me. If God created humans, it would probably be them.” I do not keep in touch with him separately,” he added.

What he confessed next was also surprising. “When I came back from Turkiye, it turned out I needed surgery and was very mentally ill, so I decided to go to a psychiatric rehab facility, where addiction, mental health and trauma are treated,” Ali said. did. Ali has been discharged from the hospital after completing treatment at a rehabilitation center three weeks ago.

Ali, born in 1996, has recently been criticized as a fallen genius. He was praised as an all-time talent during his time at Tottenham Hotspur. He played a key role in Mauricio Pochettino’s regime. He was called the “DESK” line with Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, and Christian Eriksen, and led Tottenham’s rise.

The best reviews poured in. He was also selected for the England national football team, and was dubbed a player worth more than £100 million (approximately 166.3 billion won). But Ali’s heyday did not last long. After Pochettino’s departure, his position began to falter rapidly. While showing his ups and downs, coach Jose Mourinho turned away from him.

After that, the situation was similar. During his time with Nuno Espiritu and Antonio Conte, Ali was rarely given a chance. Eventually, Ali left for Everton during the 2021-22 season. However, he failed to rebound even at Everton. In the second half of that season he played 11 matches in the English Premier League (EPL), but made only one start.

As a result, the team moved again ahead of this season. Ali has been transferred to Besiktas (Besiktas) on loan. His start wasn’t bad. Ali scored his debut goal in 2 matches. However, his injuries got in the way. Shortly after, he suffered a thigh injury and was out of action for about a month. After his return, he failed to gain the confidence of coach Senol Gunes. He even caused rumors of discord.

In particular, Ali started at the end of December last year in a cup match against Shanniur Paspor, a member of the 3rd division, but suffered humiliation as he was replaced in the 29th minute of the first half after a performance that was below expectations. Since February, he has been unable to play at all.

Eventually Ali returned to England. England’s ‘The Athletic’ reported in early April, “Ali received permission from his current team, Besiktas, to return to England for injury treatment. Now, he will undergo a thorough examination in England and begin rehabilitation training.” Life in Besiktas ended like that. The final league record was 2 goals in 13 appearances.

It was reported that Ali inhaled ‘laughing gas’ in the midst of his sluggish playing career. Of course, more criticism and criticism continued towards Ali. That’s why Ali’s latest confession was even more surprising.

Meanwhile, upon hearing this news, Ali’s former and current colleagues are sending messages of support and encouragement. Son Heung-min, who showed off his ‘best friend chemistry’ at Tottenham, also left a loving cheer, saying, “Your courageous words will help many people. I am really proud of you.” Harry Kane also expressed his affection, saying, “I’m proud of Ali.”

In addition, Everton said on the club website on the 13th, “We were supporting Ali to recover his condition and overcome personal difficulties. We applaud Ali’s courage in revealing the difficulties of the past and seeking the necessary help. sent,” it was officially announced.

“For us, the physical and mental well-being of all our players is of the utmost importance. The club has a responsibility to protect the privacy of its players and staff. In the future, we will no longer be conducting interviews regarding Ali’s rehabilitation, while he recovers from his injury. We hope that his privacy will be respected, and we ask that he receive the full care and support he needs for his physical and mental health.”

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