Alcantara Received the ‘Departure Trophy’, Surprise Cy Young Award Ceremony in Demonstration Game

Major League (MLB) Miami Marlins ace Sandy Alcantara (28) received a surprise gift from his team. 

Miami’s first game of the 2023 season spring camp was held on the 27th (Korean time) at Jupiter Roger Dean Stadium in Florida, USA. Alcantara, who had no appearances on this day, was surprised to hear his name suddenly called. Owner Bruce Sherman and general manager Kim Ng appeared with the trophy, and Alcantara’s family and agent came out together on the ground. It was a kind of ‘surprise’ ceremony. 

In the 2022 season, Alcantara won the National League (NL) Cy Young Award with a record of 14 wins and 9 losses with a 2.28 ERA in 32 games. He, who was a top prospect, was recognized as the best pitcher six years after his big league debut. He was also the Miami club’s first Cy Young Award winner. Last month, he also shared the news that he had trained with So Joon So, a national representative from the KBO League Rookie of the Year, during his inactive period.  

However, at the official awards ceremony, there was an incident. He attended the American League (AL) award winner Justin Verlander and the BBWAA dinner ceremony held in New York on the 30th of last month as an award winner, but the wording on the plaque was missing. In the meaning of ‘most valuable pitcher’, the word ‘valuable’ is engraved with the second a missing. The organizers of the awards were humiliated. 스포츠토토

In the end, the Miami club held its own awards ceremony before the official start of the new season, presenting a trophy with another word (the outstanding) to Alcantara, the team ace. Coincidentally, the opponent for this match was the St. Louis Cardinals, who had a lot of ties to Alcantara. Alcantara was traded between Miami and St. Louis in 2017. It was a game against St. Louis on June 30, when he persuaded coach Don Mattingly, the most memorable Gyeonggi-do commander, to pick last season (2022) and keep 9 innings. 

Alcantara, who was not expecting the club’s event, said, “I’m happy to have the trophy in my hand. I also looked closely at the trophy, including the name, for 30 seconds. I hope others don’t take the time (to check for typos).” told 

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