‘5.4 Billion Man’ Danny Lee “I dream of winning in Korea”

“My goal this year is to win two individual and team events. If we win in Korea, it will mean a lot.”

Danny Lee (33), a Korean from New Zealand, won the 2nd round of the LIV Golf League – Tucson (total prize money of 25 million dollars), which ended in Arizona, USA on the 20th. It was a trophy won at the end of a close game that went all the way to the third overtime. The prize money alone is ‘5.4 billion won’. After that day, he was called ‘the man of 5.4 billion won’. Danny Lee, who returned to Las Vegas after winning the championship, was preparing for the 3rd round of the LIV Golf League – Orlando to be held in Orlando, Florida, USA for three days from the 1st of next month. In a recent phone interview with E-Daily, he honestly revealed the reason for leaving the PGA Tour for 11 years and moving to LIV Golf, the regret of leaving the PGA Tour, and the current level of satisfaction with LIV Golf.

Danny Lee’s transfer to LIV Golf was made based on his trust in his close friend Kevin Na (USA). It was in early February of this year that he received an offer from Kevin Na, “wouldn’t you like to come to LIV Golf?” However, it was not an easy decision for Danny Lee, as LIV Golf had been launched less than a year ago, and he would be suspended from participating in the PGA Tour if he participated in even one LIV golf tournament. He even asked Kevin Na, who he relied on both inside and outside of golf, several times, “If my brother was in my situation as a player, what choice would I make?” After two weeks of intense consideration, he decided to move to LIV Golf and made his debut at the LIV Golf League-Mayakoba Tournament on the 25th of last month.

What appealed to Danny Lee the most was that there were only 14 tournaments a year. This is less than half the number of events on the PGA Tour, where more than 40 tournaments are held in a year. Danny Lee has been unable to participate in PGA Tour events for three to four months due to rib injuries and wrist injuries over the past two years. After his return, he forced himself to participate in the tournament to maintain his seed, but he was tired of playing continuously like this. Danny Lee said, “LIV golf gives a break period of one week to three weeks after participating in a tournament. He liked that he had time to reorganize,” he explained. It was also a plus that the tournament was held at a favorite golf course.

Danny Lee started playing golf under the guidance of his mother, Seo Su-jin, a former golf teaching professional. After that, he rose to prominence while playing for the New Zealand national team. At the 2008 US Amateur Championship, he became the youngest player to win at the age of 18 years and 1 month, ahead of the record set by Tiger Woods (18 years, 7 months and 29 days), the ‘golf emperor’, and drew attention from the golf world. However, winning on the main stage of the PGA Tour after turning pro was not easy. He has not won since the 2015 PGA Tour Greenbrier Classic, and with only 5 runner-up finishes in his career, he blamed himself for not being lucky. Starting this year, he prepared for his comeback by changing his diet and changing his exercise methods such as stretching and cardio. After 7 years and 8 months, the championship came out.

The most notable scene was the use of a broomstick putter (long putter). The putter used by Danny Lee when he made a 7.5m birdie putt in overtime is a broomstick putter that goes up to the middle of the chest. The advantage of the Broomstick putter is that it eliminates unnecessary movement of the wrist and induces players to strike the ball with the shoulder, creating a consistent stroke. He said that he used a broomstick putter for the first time at the PGA Tour RSM Classic in November last year. He explained that if he uses a long putter, his performance improves because he pays less attention to technique.”

Danny Lee picked ‘team play’ as the charm of LIV golf, which is different from the PGA Tour. “You can’t feel how exciting a team game is on TV, but you can feel it when you watch the game in person. Unlike before, I was under pressure as a team.” Then, he laughed, adding, “When I do a ‘bad shot,’ I noticed Kevin hyung (the team captain) without realizing it.” 바카라

Just as Danny Lee earned 5.4 billion won with a single win, it is clear why LIV Golf offered a huge prize of 25 million dollars for each tournament. The intention is to ensure that players play their best while active in LIV Golf and not suffer financially after retirement. Danny Lee said, “Honestly, there is no difference between the prize money earned on the PGA Tour as long as you score below the 40th place in every tournament here. Wherever I go, my goal is to perform at my best. So I wanted to do better and chose a place where I could do better.” He added that it was not easy to leave the PGA Tour, where he had been active for 11 years, and he felt regretful.

Danny Lee also revealed that he is setting up a schedule to participate in the Kolon Korea Open, a national title tournament in Korea that will be held in June. As a member of LIV Golf, I have to participate in three Asian Tour tournaments, but since the Korea Open is also co-sponsored with the Asian Tour, I am considering participating. Danny Lee said, “If I win in front of Korean fans, I think it will be another shining trophy in my career. I really want to participate,” he added.

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