47 years of leadership experience… Possibility of renewing the contract by showing the remaining know-how, ‘Old Official’ to trust and use

Roy Hodgson (76), who started as a leader in 1976 and has been holding the baton for 47 years this year, might have heard the sound of leaving if he was in Korea.

However, his mature leadership always saved teams in crisis. He has been used by Inter Milan, Udinese (Italy), Fulham, Liverpool and West Bromwich Albion (above England), as well as the Switzerland, Finland, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and England national teams.메이저사이트

From 2017 to 2021 he directed Crystal Palace. Afterwards, he took charge of Watford. He took over the temporary helm again this year when Palace were in danger of relegation and sacked manager Patrick Vieira.

Surprisingly, in the 8 matches played after Hodgson took office, he recorded an amazing record of 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. In particular, winning against a team of similar rank was a decisive opportunity to move away from the relegation zone. They managed to remain in 12th place with 43 points. Both Leeds United and Leicester City, who won, are pushed into the relegation zone. Tottenham Hotspur also lost 0-1.

This is Hodgson’s business plan, where the saying, ‘Old customs are good’ is true. The British media ‘Daily Mail’ said, ‘Hodgson clearly set up Palace’s game strategy. He continued to remind the players of the game to be won and the goal for the match to be drawn,’ he said.

Hodgson is notorious for not making many substitutions. He is in order not to shake the frame of the main team. He is at most four even after returning to Palace. There are also cases where he kept victories with one or two substitutions. It is an analysis that this stability led to the retention of Palace.

The media said, ‘The Palace is considering a contract extension with manager Hodgson. If he does not have the right resources, he may sign a one-year contract as Hodgson,’ he said, saying that he may also accompany him next season.

The situation at Palace is somewhat complicated, with Wilfried Zaha professing a transfer. This means that a change in the squad is inevitable. If Hodgson is appointed, there is a possibility that Zaha’s future will also have an impact.

The fact that there is no suitable manager candidate is also a concern for the Palace management. Possible managers head to the top teams. Although he is rather old, there seems to be an expectation that Hodgson, who has rich experience, can at least achieve results beyond retention.

Hodgson leisurely awaits his next destiny. He accepts Palace’s extension of his contract and sees no major problems with his career decision even if it doesn’t. Hodgson is struggling in the Premier League, where managers in their 40s and 50s are the mainstream.

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