’33 million won late for training’ ‘1.6 million won when the phone rings’ → ‘Fine bomb’ also came with Lampard

 English Premier League Chelsea appointed former manager Frank Lampard as interim head coach on the 6th (Korean time). The contract period is until the end of this season. Lampard will take charge of Chelsea until June and reorganize the team.

Lampard’s first game is against Wolverhampton this weekend. Next, the match against Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) awaits.

Lampard is a legend representing Chelsea enough to be in the English Premier League (EPL) Hall of Fame. He has managed Chelsea from 2019 to 2021.

The British media reported on the 7th that Lampard, who was appointed as Chelsea’s interim command tower, will again implement the penalty system that was implemented during his previous managerial days.

Lampard’s fines system is notorious for its strictness. It’s really finely divided like a miju egg and a goju egg.

Lampard doesn’t seem to tolerate players being late. First of all, if you are even 1 minute late for a team meeting, you will be fined. It costs 500 pounds per minute, or 820,000 won. If you are 10 minutes late, it will be 5000 pounds.

If you are late for team training, you will have to pay a whopping 20,000 pounds and about 32 million won in fines. is the highest amount In addition to this, as mentioned earlier, because it is a team meeting, fines per minute are added.

There are also provisions for fines for omissions in reporting. A fine of £10,000 will be imposed if an illness or injury is not reported up to 90 minutes before training. 바카라

There are also fines of £5,000 if players fail to fulfill their community obligations and £1,000 if the phone rings during mealtime or team meetings.

In addition, fines of £1,000 for bringing equipment or uniforms different from those of the team when departing, and £2,500 each for being late for departure, treatment, training reports or medical appointments on the match day.

What’s more interesting is that even though I was fined like this, if I don’t pay for two weeks, the fine is doubled.

Lampard’s penalty clause, which was so nifty, disappeared as he left the team in January 2021. “I am not a police officer,” said Thomas Tuchel, who was the next coach. I expect the senior players to set the team rules,” he said, throwing the penalty clause in the trash.

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