‘2nd year of foundation’ Gimpo coach Go Jeong-woon “Last year’s blast? We are still at the level of newborns” [Oh!Ssen Gwangyang]

 “We are still at the level of newborns.”바카라

Gimpo FC coach Ko Jeong-woon (57), who created a fresh sensation last year, did not stop whipping, saying that there was still a long way to go 

. The ‘interesting football’ promoted by coach Ko Jeong-woon showed his own competitiveness.

Now, coach Ko Jeong-woon is adding ‘detail’ to create a well-armed Gimpo soccer team with organizational power. At the press conference of the 8th media camp of the 2023 season K-League winter field training held at the Rakhee Hotel in Gwangyang, “About a third of last year’s players remained on the team, and about 20 others were reinforced. This year, we also brought in three foreign players. We are training with an emphasis on organizational skills and communication with foreign players .

” It is at the level of a newborn baby. This year is the second year of its founding. We do not have a goal to advance to the playoffs or promote to the first division right away. However, there are two keynotes. Results will be good, but we are trying to maintain the fun soccer and performance that we showed last year. Also, we are training with the goal of presenting victory to home fans with good performance at home.

It can be said that the goal is to reach the playoffs next year or so, and promotion after one or two more years. We are advancing step by step. Just because I did well last year doesn’t mean I have to go to the playoffs right now. It’s not to downplay the players, but there’s still a long way to go. Budget, support, everything has to match. After 3-4 years, we should be able to reach our target.

Q. To what extent has the soccer you wanted been completed?

There are parts to be supplemented, but foreign players and reinforced players such as wingbacks are showing their skills. Coaching staff follow orders well. The details will definitely be better than last year.

Q. There are two more new teams. 

Bucheon coach Lee Young-min said he was in the 12th round of the first round. I agree. Director Kim Cheon has a very thick player base, but the other 12 teams, whether they are Cheongju or Cheonan, are all similar. In particular, Cheongju coach Choi Yoon-gyeom has a lot of experience in coaching and a lot of know-how in making a team. Even if you are a first-time team member, it is difficult. Rather, it seems that the two new teams will be more difficult without information. We also need to update more from last year’s style.

Q. You said you asked for details.

Last year, we didn’t have much time to steal the ball and own it. You need to own the ball to save your stamina and build up. You are asking for that part. In addition, a combination play in which three-way passes are exchanged is also required. The one-year experience the players have accumulated in K-League 2 will be a great boost. If we show the same performance this year as last year, we can go to the playoffs next year. After that, I think it will be a power that can go to the 1st division.

Q. Last year, you lacked scoring ability, but you brought in three foreign strikers.

Last year, Son Seok-yong and Yoon Min-ho scored a lot. I have to play 36 games this year, so I have to be consistent. Last year, Minho Yoon faltered in the second half. This year, we are demanding a lot of aggressiveness from the three foreign players. We are also communicating why we selected foreign players. When the grades were bad and the situation was bad, the number 1 was the coach and the number 2 was a foreign player. I am trying to plant a strong mind.

Q. Evaluate foreign players.

We are a team driven by organizational power, not individual ability. The attack power is unquestionable. However, there is confusion in terms of the defensive part and the defensive position that goes right back when the ball is lost. He is guiding by showing the video at the meeting. It’s getting better.

Q. Who are the players to look forward to this year?

everything is The same goes for other teams, but last year, not many players adapted to the pro league. Nearly half of the 11 players came from K3. However, I think the experience I accumulated while playing many games last year has been a great medicine. Watching the practice matches with K-League 1 teams, I could feel that the players had grown a lot during the year. Looking forward to this year too.

However, there are some things players need to know. We don’t have a best 11. Even foreign players cannot survive on our team if they cannot defend. I also told the players. Last year’s achievements were achieved not by individuals, but by the team working and moving a lot and working together as one. It didn’t come out because the individual did well. The moment you say, “Gimpo is successful because I did well,” the team collapses. As soon as foreign players think that way, they will drop it right away. That is our team spirit.

Q. Foreign players were selected with no experience in Asia.

We and other teams do the same. Because of the corona, I can’t go and pick it myself, so I have no choice but to watch the video of the recent game. Also, we don’t have a lot of budget. Even after picking better players, they were all stolen by other teams. Still, I thought he was the right player for our team, so I picked him. It is up to the coaching staff to make sure that all players can integrate well into the team. It was selected with that aspect in mind.

Q. What are you most wary of?

Last year, we allowed a lot of back space and conceded a lot. The key is how well the back space is covered. Even the defenders are aware of it. It is supplemented through repetitive training and video review. It’s getting better as it gets better. I also played good matches against Gangwon and Daejeon. There are problems, but I can see the players trying to do it with their bodies. I think it will get better in the future.

Q. You will meet Cheonan in the opening game.

It would be better if it was Kimcheon’s managing director, but I will meet Cheonan from the beginning. The lack of information is more burdensome. After about 1 or 2 rounds, the power is analyzed. So the early game is more important. In the first two games of last year, we brought unexpected results, and that became the driving force to push through to the end. Of the 36 games of the season, the first 3-4 games are the most important. Matches at home are especially important. The early game will be able to influence the year.

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