‘291 big league games’ veteran’s analysis… “Physical EPL, tactics Serie, level La Liga”

Stefan Savic (32, Atletico Madrid), who has experienced the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, and Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga), compared the three leagues. Savic picked the Premier League for physicality, Serie A for tactics and La Liga for league level.

Savich attended the official press conference held two days before the second leg of the Coupang Play Series against Manchester City (England) to be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 30th. In this position, Savic revealed his aspirations ahead of the match against Manchester City while also reflecting on his career.바카라사이트

Savic, who made his debut at BSK Borcha (Serbia) in 2009, moved to FK Partizan (Serbia) the following year and grew up. In 2011, Savic took his first steps in the big European leagues after receiving a love call from Manchester City. Savic, who spent a year at Man City, played for Fiorentina (Italy) from 2012 to 2015, and is currently playing for Atletico Madrid (Spain).

Savich played a total of 291 matches in three of Europe’s four major leagues. The current UEFA league standings are led by the Premier League, followed by La Liga. Serie A sits in fourth place, after the Bundesliga.

Savich said, “I moved to Man City at a young age and went through a lot of changes. He was particularly tough physically. The Premier League is a strong league in this respect. Serie A is tactically superior, but physically inferior to the Premier League.”

Regarding the current La Liga, he said, “La Liga is the league with the highest level. There are a lot of good players, and it’s nice to be able to play in this league. As a player, I am very satisfied to play in the top three leagues.”

In addition to the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga, clubs in the big leagues compete fiercely in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) every season, and opinions differ among league fans about which league is the best. Accordingly, ‘veteran’ Savich, who has been active in the European big leagues for more than 10 years, analyzed the characteristics of each league in detail based on his experience.

Meanwhile, Savich’s Atletico Madrid faces Man City two days later. After meeting the team he played 11 years ago, he said, “It has been more than 10 years since I moved from Man City. He will do his best regardless of the opponent. He had a good experience at Man City.”

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