The end of 16 years of football life… Park Joo-ho’s ‘The Second Act of Life’ with his family

There are many fans who still shed tears when they think of this player. This is Park Joo-ho, who recently finished his 16-year soccer career.메이저놀이터 The wife, who bowed down and bowed down, made the away fans cry. [Park Joo-ho/Former Suwon FC: I didn’t know. I didn’t know. Because it came out spontaneously… ] It was the first team […]

Go Woo-seok VS Jeong Hae-young, who only scored 0.38 points… The fans’ sentiment and the public’s sentiment were different.

The results of the ‘fan heart’ and the team vote were different. While the ‘Best 12’ of the 2023 KBO All-Star Game has been confirmed, there are not a few cases where the results have been reversed due to team voting.온라인카지노 On the 26th, KBO confirmed and announced the ‘Best 12’ lineup for the 2023 All-Star […]