’18 seconds’ late for documents, Barcelona failed to recruit… FIFA final decision

On the last day of the transfer market, the most important thing to pay attention to is time. While the transfer of Hakim Ziyech (30, Chelsea) to Paris Saint-Germain was canceled due to paperwork problems, FC Barcelona also failed to recruit due to late submission. 먹튀검증

Barcelona led the signing of Julian Araujo (22), who runs as a right fullback from LA Galaxy at the end of the transfer market. The right side of defense is where Barcelona’s homework is. Professional full-back Hector Bellerin has moved to Sporting CP and Sergi Roberto is sluggish. That’s why the center bag Jules Kunde and Ronald Arauho are alternately placed on the right side.

Arauho is an unfinished standby to play in the American Major League Soccer (MLS), but his growth is scary enough to be selected as the Mexican national team in 2021. He played more than 100 professional games for LA Galaxy and showed off his aggressive fullback well, which caught the eye of Barcelona.

The agreement between the two clubs ended well, but the problem was the paperwork. Barcelona explained that the submission of the documents was delayed by 18 seconds due to a computer error. Barcelona, ​​which complained of injustice, waited for the decision of the International Football Federation (FIFA).

On the 4th (Korean time), a FIFA spokesperson said, “Araujo’s transfer is not approved according to the rules. We have notified both Barcelona and LA Galaxy of the decision.”

The delay in documents has ruined the 22-year-old prospect’s dream of entering Barcelona. However, it is known that Barcelona will prepare an alternative in relation to the future joining, as if highly appreciating Araujo’s skills.

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