‘150km’ 6 innings KKKKKKKK, clean 3 runs… Only this is the starting point 

KIA Tigers left-hander Eui-ri Lee (21) did his part as a starting pitcher.

Eui-Ri Lee started the game against the Lotte Giants at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 28th and pitched 4 hits, 3 walks and 3 runs while striking out 8 in 6 innings. He finished the mound with his team leading 6-3 to meet the win requirement. He managed to make a No. 3 quality start by pitching six or more innings for the third time in the season.카지노사이트

He got off to a good start by striking out the first batter, Kim Min-seok, on a swing in the first inning. He was an easy three-and-a-half with 12 balls. In the second inning, he caught 3 outcounts with 8 balls against Jun-woo Jeon, Chi-hong An, and Kang-nam Yoo. The batting line also assisted with 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning. Anxiety was nowhere to be found. It was delivered exactly as catcher Kim Tae-gun ordered.

He was shaken 3 times. He was hit by a pitcher’s attack by Jung-hoon, and allowed a left-handed hit by Son Seong-bin after 1 death. He struck out Min-seok Kim, but allowed a walk in the match with Dong-hee Yoon to make the bases loaded. He was hit with a double through right-center by new foreigner Rico Gudrum. In an instant, the score was 3-3.

Goodrum hit the slider well. If it was the first half, it would have been the order of collapse from this point on. But he didn’t waver any longer. He ended the inning by striking out Jeon Jun-woo with an aggressive pitch. In the 4th episode, after 2 deaths, Jung Hoon was hit, but Han Dong-hee was treated as a fly ball in right field. In the 5th inning, with two strikeouts, it was blocked with a tripartite offense.

He was on the mound in the 6th inning as well, as he had 79 pitches by the 5th inning. The first batter, Gudrum, was sent out on a walk after a full count. The moment the anxiety creeped in, he induced Jeon Jun-woo to double kill at second base and overcame a big hurdle. Another walk was given to An Chi-hong, but Lee Jung-hoon, a pinch hitter, struck out with a 150km fastball.

Before the game, coach Kim Jong-guk ordered, “Loyalty is good. Stable control is the key. I know that well. I hope to play aggressively. Today, I hope there are more pitches and innings than in the first half.” As the coach ordered, he played 6 innings with aggressive pitching. He also gave up only three walks. The number of pitches was also cut to 98 pitches. It was a game worthy of a starting pitcher.

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