‘0 goals in 15 games’ So, has Richarlison made things better?…60 million pounds is a waste

There is a reason why manager Antonio Conte insists on Son Heung-min (Tottenham).

This is because he judges that Son Heung-min is the only player who can properly breathe with Harry Kane.

This was clearly revealed in the game on the 20th (Korean time).카지노사이트

Coach Conte, who is playing remote control in Italy, sat Heung-Min Son on the bench that day. He put in Hisharli Song instead.

However, Richarlison did not perform as well as expected. Eventually, in the second half, he was replaced by Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min scored Kane’s sensational pass four minutes after entering.

This is why coach Conte cannot sit Heung-Min Son on the bench.

BBC pundit Glenn Murray criticized Richarlison, saying: “He was terrible. If I were on the bench, I would have thought I would have to leave.”

Tottenham spent £60 million on Richarlison ahead of this season.

However, Richarlison has not scored a single goal in 15 Premier League games this season.

Richarlison would have something to say. He said he was injured and never had a chance to play properly. In fact, he was often put in as a substitute in the second half.

But that can’t justify his sluggishness. This is because he is not making a big impact even though he has been given a chance.

Coach Conte decided to use Richarlison as a “joker” from the beginning. Then, depending on the situation, he planned to put him in the starting lineup. It was also to ease Son Heung-min’s physical burden. Not only in the league, but also in the Champions League and Cup. Son Heung-min cannot handle the tournament alone. So, the player he recruited is Richarlison. Where are the media and experts who insisted that

Son Heung-min sit on the bench and give Richarlison a chance? The 60 million invested in him not worth the pound

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