‘Sajik Karaoke’ sold out again… Lotte Winning Series attracts 64,976 fans over three days

The baseball team Lotte lost 0-6 against Sajik KIA on the 4th, but continued to draw a full crowd of 22,990 fans today. It was the club’s fifth sellout this season. The fans filled Sajik Baseball Stadium in Anbang for the weekend.

Lotte gave up six runs in the top of the sixth inning. Starter Han Hyun-hee (30-5, six innings, two runs) was shaky in the sixth inning, and then Kim Jin-wook (21-0, two runs) and Kim Do-gyu (25-3, two-thirds of an inning, four runs) gave up back-to-back runs. However, they took the winning series (two out of three) as they had won the previous games on the 2nd (14-2) and 3rd (6-5).토토사이트

As we enter the early summer, Lotte continues to excite fans as they sit in third place behind first place SSG and second place LG. The team has shed the so-called “bomde” stigma of doing well in the spring and then falling apart. The expectation that they can win the championship for the first time in 31 years, since 1992, is fuelling the fans.

In fact, Lotte, which drew 18,996 spectators on the first day of the weekend series (2) despite it being a weekday, drew 64,976 over the three days. This year’s average home attendance (13,742) is about 25 per cent higher than last year.

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